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South Indian FoodEverything is fair in love and war

Well, people have not drown their swords for it but believe me they have neither given up easily. Excited to know what it is? Indian tempting food. Ah! Seems the situation is getting out of control and why not, the hot spices blended with herbs creates such a heavenly taste and fragrance that people tend to forget other things of priority. India is one such destination in the world where one can find dishes of great variety. Influence of many races which invaded India can be traced in the cuisine of India.

Variety - Indian Cuisine

North Indian Cuisine
The food of North India is famous all over the world. In most of the food items of north India a large amount of dairy products are used. Roti, paratha, tandoor, naan, kulcha, puri, bhatoora are common vegetarian items here. Samosa is a very commonly found snack of north India.
The staple food of most of the north Indians are - variety of lentils, vegetables and roti. Buknu, Gujiya, chaat, daal ki kachauri, jalebi, imarti, pickles, murabba, sharbat, pana, aam papad and poha are some of the inseparable food items of northern India. Tandoori Chicken and Kebabs are the popular non vegetarian items that are famous worldwide.

The north west state of India Rajasthan also has a mastery over royal cuisines. The meat delicacies of Rajasthan are incomparable. Not only the non-vegetarian but also the vegetarian dishes of the place are also very much mouth watering. The Rajasthani food is also soaked in pure ghee and so offers great aroma. Dry fruits, yoghurt and spices are the special add ups of Rajasthani cuisine.

Rajasthani Dal Baati and Jaipuri Mewa Pulao are the culinary delights of Rajasthan.

Sweet dishes of north India like Gulab Jmun, peda, petha, rewadi, gajak, milk cake, balusahi, bal mithai, singori, kulfi, falooda, ras malai, laddu, barfi and halwa are very tempting and delicious.

South Indian Cuisine
South India is famous for its vegetarian food. The chief ingredients used in the making of south Indian food items are rice, coconut oil, coconut and curry leaves. Idli, dosa, sambhar, rasam, vada, bonda and bajji are some of the exclusive snacks of south India. People in this part of India have a traditional way of serving food. They serve the food on a fresh plantain leaf.

The cuisine of Andhra Pradesh has great Mughal impact. The Biryani and kebabs of Hyderabad have carved a niche for themselves all over the world. Home made pickles, pappads and dry chutneys are a part of food here. The cuisine of Tamil Nadu is one of the most aromatic, spiciest and oiliest cuisines of India and is famous as Chettinad cuisine. Some of the popular dishes in this Chettinad menu are - Varuval(dry fish fried with spices and onions) and pepper chicken. The state of Kerala is known for its various types of panckaes and steamed rice cakes. Biryani made of mutton, chicken, egg or fish brings water in the mouths of many.

West Indian Cuisine
Rice is the principal part of most of the west Indian cuisine. The cuisine of Maharashtra is of varied type. One can find a wide variety of vegetarian preparations as well as several types of sea food. All the food items prepared here uses less amount of oil as compared to other north and south Indian food.

Vada Pav, Dahi Bada, Puri, Bombill fry, Bhelpuri, Vindaloo, Veg Kolhapuri, Pohe, Dhokla and Uppma are the popular food items of West India. Spiciness and hotness are the specialties of Andhra cuisine.

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